Friday, April 23, 2010

march in april

Despite it all -- and I will get further into it all as the week progresses, I promise -- I continue to pick away at my April sweater in the hope that I may yet finish it in time. I managed to cast off the sleeves tonight at our second baseball game.

It was quite a good one, and not just because our home team won.

Primo caught his first foul ball.


Secondo impersonated an elf, because it was quite chilly and no one listened when I pointed out that it would probably be too cool for shorts once the sun went down.


Terzo got his father to buy him some peanuts and crackerjack, because, well, he has his father wrapped around his little finger. Plus he's cute.


And I managed to weave in most of my ends prior to blocking and seaming the sweater, to give myself a little edge in getting the darn thing done. And do you see what I got to get a little more wear out of, because it was so chilly?


That's right. My March sweater, keeping me warm in (and while I work on) April.


  1. I like Secondo's sweatshirt! Go RU!

  2. And a grand time was had by one and all! YAY