Monday, April 5, 2010

here we go again

Same story, different day.

Remember that ewe from April Fool's Day? She had her lambs today, finally.


A first, for her; always twins before this (and one giant single ram lamb one year, who was the bane of Primo's existence the year he showed him).

She is doing OK, and the lambs are doing OK, except the littlest one. She was having trouble finding the milk bar. She is teeny-tiny and quickly became so weak that she couldn't hold her head up a few hours after birth.

So yes, I am headed out to the barn in a few minutes with two bottles. And I hope to get pictures up tomorrow, but the sleep situation is looking a little dicey tonight.


  1. Good luck Kris. Is the little one taking the bottle?

  2. Not very well at first but I am getting it into her, so thank goodness I didn't have to stomach tube her. She was that weak, though.

  3. Of course she has to wait for your kids to go back to school so you are left with all the work! I am glad to hear she is coming along.