Thursday, April 15, 2010

space holder

Yes, I know. I was doing so well there with semi-regular posting but I have fallen off the wagon at the moment for various reasons not worth going into, because they are boring.

So I will just post another cute lamb picture compliments of Secondo, because that is the easy way out.


Doesn't it look like the black one is doing his best border collie impression? Wolf, wolf! (Points for naming that movie!)


  1. Lamb pics are always appropriate!

    Are you making plans for that black lamb fleece?

  2. Unfortunately it won't stay black in this breed! By the time the boys show them in the summer they will be various beautiful shades of grey.

  3. Do I get points for "Babe"? And what can I use them for? :-)

  4. Yes, you are both right! And because you both made me smile, you get 10 points to come and visit me in NJ, at a time of your choice. Aren't you glad you played?