Tuesday, April 27, 2010

burning questions

To answer the burning question on everyone's lips these days:

Yes, the littlest lamb is still alive.

And to answer the other question that I am sure you all have in your minds:

Yes, I am still alive... but up to my eyeballs in preparation for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and the American Coopworth Registry's co-operative booth.

In addition to getting roving dyed, items packed and otherwise ready for the booth, I found out ten days ago that we also had the chance to do a sheep breed display, similar to what we already do for Rhinebeck. I thought it would be a simple thing to pull together based on what I had done in Rhinebeck. I thought wrong. I pulled out my boards and found they were destroyed, so I have been frantically reinventing the wheel, yet again.

In between dyeing and packing and otherwise panicking. Oh yeah, and a birthday party for 15 kindergartners on Saturday. My April sweater is dead in the water at this point.

It will probably be after this weekend that I finally get a regular post up. Hope to see you in Maryland, if not on the other side.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Kris, I am so sorry to hear about the boards for the breed display. It never gets easier, does it!