Wednesday, March 31, 2010

out like a lamb

My Move It Out March paralleled the month itself. I started with a bang... but thanks to the lambs, seems I ended with a whimper. (It also didn't help that the epic rain storm two weeks ago shut down the road to our house for a few days, making pickup even more difficult.) I haven't managed to shift that much since my last post... actually, I haven't really shifted anything.

But I can honestly say that I had a lot more fun getting rid of stuff than I thought I would. Moving things out always feels to me like I am literally losing weight myself. Guess all this junk does drag you down after a while. The difference was that it wasn't just getting dropped off somewhere, where I often feel as if I am giving up on it. Here's my rejects, hope you can do something with them... Instead, it was a joy to see the things go on to new homes where they were so much more appreciated, needed and wanted than here. Our old stuff got a new lease on life, and we got to watch it happen!

Good for it. Good for us. And good for our basement.

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