Friday, March 19, 2010

it's not just me

Little bit of drama here today... my LSH had a patient that needed to go to the ER, and so the first aid squad was called to transport. Whenever the squad is called, the police must also come and take a report, and that's where things got interesting.

(What, did you think the ambulance coming was the interesting bit?)

The office got a little backed up with patients while my LSH dealt with the emergent situation, and so the parking lot got backed up too. For some reason, three separate state trooper cars arrived while the ambulance was still here (must have been a slow policing day), and now the lot and driveway were full to overflowing. One of the state troopers backed into our front field to turn around -- the field that is damp at the best of times, but right now is positively soaking -- he failed to notice the standing water, and... yep, you guessed it. Stuck.


Thank goodness for that tow rope we keep in the truck! (A little hard to tell here, as I was hiding behind the grass to take the picture like some crazed undercover spy, but the police car on the left is pulling out the car on the right.)

It could have been worse. The office manager stopped one of the troopers just before he pushed his co-worker further back into the field. Now, even I know that it doesn't make sense unless you want to have a burial at mud for the car! Look at the standing water behind the ruts -- what did they think going further back would accomplish?


We now have some impressive ruts to add to our collection in that particular field. Do you think Governor Christie would be willing to find a little petty cash to fill it in? Nah, you're right, probably not even worth asking given the mood he's been in lately.