Tuesday, March 9, 2010

have patients

(When Terzo was little, he was repeatedly advised by his parents and brothers to "have patience." As his dad also had patients, in the same building where he lived no less, he was more than a little confused -- which we did not find out until about a year after we started giving him the advice.)

I lost my internet/e-mail today and I have to admit, it nearly put me under. In my defense, I noticed a significant slowing this weekend as I was trying to post items on freecycle and craigslist, and the e-mails were having trouble downloading before the computer timed them out. By today, it was like dial-up covered in molasses (cable connection, I will never hate on you again) and the computer tech was finally called out to replace the router. So maybe I was a little tetchy to begin with about the whole thing not working. Or maybe I am just too dependent on my e-mail.

When I finally got back the connection tonight, I downloaded yet another bazillion e-mails about various items I had offered for sale (very few) or for free, just come and pick them up off my front porch. I have noticed a key difference between the two. With the latter group, there is not a lot of coddling required. They say they want the item, I give them the address, they come and take it off the front porch. Poof! things are gone on a flash. It's like magic.

The people who are thinking about buying things, on the other hand, require an inordinate amount of hand-holding.

I list our state of NJ in the header and description; I get e-mails back asking if I am in Pennsylvania. (Not unless they've moved the Delaware River and I haven't heard about it.)

I list our town in the header and description; I am asked how far it is from their particular location. (Um, I dunno, does mapquest work the same both ways?)

The latest one really took the cake. Mind you, I am posting the listings in the central NJ group. A woman asked where our town was located; when I responded "central NJ" (duh?), her next e-mail said "Oh drat. I was hoping it was a typo and you were really in PA." Yes, because I clearly have no idea where I live.

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  1. hysterical. you are prompting me to declutter.

    mrs. c