Monday, March 15, 2010

move it out march progress: part 2

Sorry this post is a day late. I don't think I mentioned in my last post that we had already lost power at that point, thanks to the wind, and were operating on generator power. Later that night, we lost our cable/phone/internet connection. In short, we were a bit marooned, and managed to miss the fact that it was also daylight savings yesterday until several hours (and the start of church) had passed.

At this point -- when our only sources of communication with the outside world were our cell phones -- I managed to somehow toss mine into the washing machine with a load of wet, muddy jeans. Yeah, I am really an asset in an emergency.

The rain put a temporary halt to my decluttering as I wasn't able to post things on the innernets or answer call inquiries, but I still managed to make pretty good progress last week:
  1. high chair (freecyle);
  2. five computer monitors* (free on craigslist);
  3. parts for Nutone blender removed in kitchen remodel free on craigslist);
  4. couches (free on craigslist);
  5. Little Tykes car (craigslist);
  6. Step 2 plastic kids table and chairs (craigslist);
  7. stereo receiver and dual cassetted player (freecycle);
  8. two small decorator tables (freecycle);
  9. two sets of kids sheets & matching comforter and valance (freecycle);
  10. pop-up baby tent (freecycle);
  11. baby bath toys (freecycle);
  12. wire hangers (freecycle);
  13. hiking backpack for baby (freecycle); and
  14. kids educational CDs.

A pretty good amount of stuff, overall. Not sure if I can beat the amount this week, since it is still raining here, but I will probably start again tomorrow. I am half-way through the month, and Terzo even noted that the basement is starting to look a little empty. Progress!

* I received a great tip about disposing of computer equipment, monitors, etc. Goodwill will take such items, which are normally very difficult to get rid of, and recycle them for no cost to you. Check with your local Goodwill or at Reconnect online to find your closest drop-off center.

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  1. Bless your heart for the tips on recycling the goodies.

    Been to Virginia and back and can't wait to start packing.