Sunday, January 25, 2015

tea time tams

Today was the second (and final) knit-a-long class for the "Going to Town Tam" at Woolbearers yarn shop in Mount Holly. How wonderful to have had such a great group of people in the class. We had tremendous fun working on the pattern and dishing on Downton Abbey, more or less equal amounts of both.

Plus tea and chocolate torte and cucumber sandwiches (which lasted even less time than in the first class) and even Downton Abbey (fourth season) playing on the computer in the background. We thoroughly hashed out the issues facing Mary, Tom, Edith, Thomas, Isobel, Violet, Mrs Hughes, Mr Carson, Bates, Anna, the Russians... You name it. Julian Fellowes should give us a call so we can let him know our firm opinions on future plot twists.

As promised, here are close-ups of everyone's color choices. One student noted that most combinations had some element of green/teal. Looking at the pictures, purple is also a hugely popular element. There you go, Pantone. Make of it what you will.

I wish my iPhone had done a better job with the colors. The one on the bottom right, for example, was a striking orange/teal blue/grey combination that came out very flat, unfortunately.

I will miss these ladies, but onto new adventures! I will be holding a short rows class at the same shop on February 21. Preparation begins in earnest on that... tomorrow. Tonight, I have to watch Downton Abbey. 

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  1. Thank you again for teaching the knit-a-long (and bringing the cucumber sandwiches, tarts, and tea)! Just finished my tam (minus the button, have to find a good one this weekend), really pleased with it. I learned several new skills while doing this knit and enjoyed every minute of it! ~ Tanya