Saturday, January 10, 2015

freezing point

An extended cold snap is good for one thing... Frozen pond water!

Photo courtesy of Primo, who was home for a very brief break from studying for his finals. Our birthday gift to him was tickets for comedian Jim Gaffigan, a family favorite, before we understood how his university schedule works, with finals after Christmas. He was gracious and maintained it was a nice break from the stress. Since he made time to get out on skates this morning with Terzo (who was, of course, wild with joy) before heading back, it did appear that he was happy for the quick diversion. He was back at school by noon, grinding away again.

The ice sojourn didn't even last long enough for me to get out there with my camera. They heard what they thought was a nearby gunshot from hunters—we have quite a few in the nearby wildlife area—but turned out to be the ice cracking. It may have been more ice forming, as the temperatures were well under freezing, but they got off just in case. No doubt it will be checked for soundness again tomorrow.

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