Tuesday, January 20, 2015

common criminal

If there is one thing Valentine loves, it's catnip. She is not one of those "I can take it or leave it" cats. She is a cat who has trouble managing her addiction attraction. She also has a problem with love for roving or, indeed, anything that smells like a sheep.

This has put a serious crimp into my cat toy production. Nothing can be left out. Everything, including completed objects, must be shut up tight into protective containers; tins work best, because I thought they masked the smell.

I thought wrong, obviously. The little brown bags are old pantyhose with catnip tied inside to scent the stored toys. She had ripped two of them open, and slobbered all over the contents while rolling around in her ill-gotten gain.

I came back from finding my iPhone to document the scene of the crime, and found these two goofballs using my yarn to make forensic calculations as to the possible identity of the suspect. As if there was any doubt.

Who me? I just steal dog's beds.

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