Tuesday, January 6, 2015

new toy

I mean professional tool. New professional tool, a gift from my husband. See if you can guess what it is...

Tree ornament (made of straw, not pasta, I swear)

Contented cat, who as of this morning
wants to be known as "Valentine Mousekiller"

Terzo playing Santa

Yarny detail (no points for guessing who the recipient eventually will be, 
though it is actually a project for a potential class)

Holly berries with tiny bug

The extreme close up of Terzo's yellow teeth should be the giveaway, though in his defense it was Christmas morning and he was in an understandable rush to get downstairs.

Yes it is a new lens! 100mm to be specific. The way it feeds in the light is revolutionary, to me at least. I am obviously having a lot of fun with the possibilities. So you can look forward to many well focused (I hope) detail shots this year. Possibly the gift that keeps on giving?

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