Tuesday, July 9, 2013

very, very quiet

My last five posts or so—all scheduled. We were actually on vacation doing our mini-version of the Grand Circle in Arizona and Utah. Hopefully pictures later this week.

We arrived back home on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning, Primo left again, headed for Washington DC for a national 4-H conference. It was a flurry of laundry and shopping and ironing and packing, but we managed to get him out the door in time.

No pictures though. No time for that.

I got back from the drop-off point Sunday afternoon, and it was time to get the other two ready for their departure for camp early the next morning. More laundry and a little shopping and lots of packing, but luckily no ironing.

For the first time ever, this guy is at camp. He has been waiting a while.

He was ready, as demonstrated by his head-to-toe camp gear.

But he was more than a little nervous, when the reality hit him. He looked awfully small up there. Funny how the other two didn't seem quite that little. A trick of the mind where the youngest is concerned.

He is fine. I am sure he is fine. He is there with Secondo and several kids from their 4-H club, all of whom have been charged with looking out for him. And while I am enjoying the clutter-free house, it sure is quiet around here with no boys.

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