Wednesday, July 31, 2013

fair time

One look at my wrist and it's obvious: it's fair time.

The clue is the indestructible Timex plastic watch, which has been sprayed with water, woundkote, sheep pee, iced tea, you name it, and it keeps on ticking. It goes on my wrist about five days before fair, when I know, at any given moment, I will be summoned to the barn or out into a field to help with some problem or another, and I had better be fully prepared from my timepiece to my footgear.

As a matter of fact, I am ready for fair. Before today, I was a little more than ready, but today I was sidelined with providing sheep beauty parlor assistance, and so now I am slightly less than ready. Problem was the unbelievable amounts of mud these poor sheep have had to deal with.

By way of illustration, Kali started out looking like this:

Thanks to the heroic efforts of her shepherd, she now looks like this:

Which we can all agree is a massive improvement, though he still probably won't win any prizes for sheep cleaniness. (Yes, there is such a prize, and the proper sheepy term is fitting your sheep for show.) Maybe if we showed the judge the "before" picture?

We also worked on making sure we had all the proper pieces for our tents, which we only use once a year. We have waaaayyy too many stories about getting to fair and missing critical parts of the tents (one year stakes, the next year poles) so we tried to forestall this particular problem. Which in all likelihood means we will forget the tents altogether.

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  1. Which is the better day to go? This will be our first time and we'd like to make the most of it. It will just be me, Hubs, one toddler and one infant.