Friday, July 5, 2013

piggy shenanigans

Today I am excited to introduce a guest blogger: our very own Terzo! There's more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to getting kids to write over the summer. Fame and fortune (or as close as you get when you are a third/fourth grader) may do the trick, with any luck. If it works out, I may be able to go an entire summer without uttering the phrase "have you written in your journal yet?"

So take it away, Terzo.

I was walking to the barn to feed the barn cats. When I looked at the pigs pen I only saw four pigs. But there should be six pigs.

I looked everywhere but I couldn't find those two piggies. Finally I heard a oink coming from the big water container.

I looked at it and I saw this tiny little ear poking out.

I looked in and out of all the places they were in the water container. This is a container that we keep in the pen to put food in. Why were they in there? 

There was no food in there. I think they were in there because there was a little water from the rain and they wanted to take a bath!


  1. Piggies are a caution! Thank you for the informative post. I love hearing about life on your farm!

  2. Great job Terzo! Let's hear more!

  3. Great sleuthing, Terzo! Wonder if they would have liked the container init had been full of water?

  4. I love hearing about the farm from your perspective. Great writing!