Tuesday, July 23, 2013

buy something happy

Retail therapy is not normally my thing. It's just not the way I'm built,* which is why as I write this I am wearing Teva sandals from 2006 and an old 4-H fair t-shirt. And yes, I wore those everywhere I went today. I am not proud (obviously) but I am shopping-impaired and not ashamed to admit it.

However, when my 9-year-old son told me that he found the perfect $3 magnet for me, while we were scouting out county sheep show prizes at the local Five Below, it was impossible to resist.

Even if we don't keep magnets on our fridge.

* HUGE DISCLAIMER: Except in the case of yarn. And double-pointed needles. And used books. And perhaps ancient spinning wheels, if I am perfectly honest.

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