Friday, July 26, 2013

do something happy

Summer time means county fair time. I am very partial to the one my kids are involved in, but I am also quite fond of any fair that I don't have to do any work for.

We visited our own county fair tonight; my kids' 4-H club is affiliated with a neighboring county instead of our own. Primo did have to work for this fair, as he was volunteering with his high school's FFA chapter, selling donated produce to benefit Farmers Against Hunger. FAH facilitates the collection of excess produce from Jersey farmers and transportation to food banks and pantries all over the state. He is always happy to help them out.

The rest of us bummed around the 4-H portion of the fairgrounds, viewing exhibits and bumping into old friends. 4-H can be a small world.

This rabbit has perhaps the coolest and most fitting name ever. Despite his epic coolness, his favorite food is bananas. Awesome.

My two nieces were quite taken with the clogging, as was I. Looks like a great way to burn off some calories, have fun, and make a lot of noise, all at the same time.

Terzo loved all the fluffy bunnies (those are tiny baby bunnies he is pointing to)...

But would have nothing to do with the snakes, except for a respectful distance, and I can't say as I blamed him.

How is your county fair? Some are big, some are tiny, but all of them are a slice of Americana. Hope you make it to at least one this summer—and make sure to support the local 4-H chapter while you are there. The enthusiasm and energy of those kids deserves a helping hand.

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