Thursday, July 18, 2013

blue, or maybe just soggy

Maybe it is this wretched, soul-sucking heat wave.

Maybe it's the accompanying oppressive humidity that smothers the life out of every living thing.

Maybe it's having the boys, and all their clutter and noise (how did I miss it?) back in the house.

Maybe it's trying to get geared up for 4-H fair, and failing miserably.

Maybe it's because it's weaning time, and I hate weaning time, though everyone seems to have taken it rather well this year, probably because we are so so late.

Maybe it's getting one kid to summer school 45 minutes away every. blasted. day.

Maybe it's the lack of exercise, see, Heat and Humidity.

Maybe it's because Venus and Saturn are now in alignment. Love me some Sister Monica Joan.

Maybe it's because I just finished Season 2 of Call the Midwife and Season 3 seems a long way away.

Maybe it's worrisome news, in wave after wave, about dear friends and relations.

Whatever it is, I am in a definite "if you can't say something nice" state of mind, and that makes it mighty difficult to blog. Who wants to hear me complain? Oh wait. Sorry about that.

I am headed up to cast on a new knitting project and start a new costume drama in my fortress of solitude (a.k.a. yarn fort, a.k.a. girl cave) in the hopes that I can turn it around before July is completely unsalvageable.


  1. You are not alone my dear! Iced wine anyone?

  2. Yes, the wine has it! I am just trying to keep on the fiber when it's not too hot. Hopefully it will all come right.