Saturday, June 1, 2013

pigs, again

Our pork producers are back in business. Six this time, because business is good.

Just like last year, first item on their agenda: eat some dirt.

Unlike last year, the boys had much more competition from other buyers at the auction. We had no idea why; maybe the recent news about the sale of Smithfield to a Chinese company? It is quite worrisome, for several reasons. The price of pork will undoubtedly rise as a larger percentage of US-produced meat will be shipped overseas. This will be premium meat in a country that has serious issues with food safety. It remains to be seen if this lack of concern for consumers will have an effect on the meat produced by that company in the United States. I don't think our current regulatory structure is up to handling this challenge, but I hope to be proven wrong.

It makes me quite glad that some of our own meat is grunting in our backyard.