Wednesday, May 29, 2013

lovely little gadget

I am not really a gadget person. I have many friends and relations that are very well versed on the latest technology, but I am willfully, deliberately, could-not-care-less ignorant on such things. Which of course, drives those people slightly bananas.

But this time, I'm in loooooove.

A mini iPad, the result of my winning the Christmas at Sea design contest, arrived in the mail yesterday. My husband, the world's biggest fan of the movie A Christmas Story, made sure to label the box appropriately before I arrived home so I would have no doubt what was inside.

Primo, in a brilliant display of thoughtfulness (it gives me hope), gave me a lovely pink cover for Mother's Day. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures in the daytime and my camera isn't doing a great job with the hot-pink-and-coral color combo. Pink is my defense in this house. It wasn't really my color growing up, but now it is my indisputable claim to an item. If I want to keep something all for myself, I buy it in pink. This has worked for almost everything, except my earbuds; the thief (Terzo) apparently reasons that no one can see the pink when they are buried in his ears.

My husband did the initial set-up for me, but once I discovered the built-in camera (squee!!!!!) no one else has been allowed to touch it. I even managed a self-portrait, in thermal, thanks to the photo booth app.

I carried it around to all my errands today, though I didn't really need it, just because I am so enamoured of the weight and heft of it. It is exactly the size and almost-shape of a paperback book, so the appeal is obvious. A completely new toy with the comfort of the familiar.

But the best part... the part that marks it as mine-all-mine... we didn't discover until we went to put it into the case.

How thoughtful of Paige, to put such a lovely inscription on the back!


  1. Wow! That is so cool!!!

    Love your sugar stick scarf, too, and plan to make your winning hat this week :-}