Friday, May 24, 2013

a matter of degrees

Crazy weather here today. It was warm and humid when I went out for my run around 9 am, but at some point late morning the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. I left to pick up Primo for his track meet, but soon returned to scoop up all the warm running gear I could find, figuring that he wouldn't have packed enough for the conditions.

Sure enough, he was underpacked, no doubt remembering the same meet, exactly one year ago, when he collapsed from dehydration and heat exhaustion. No fear of that this year. Instead it was pouring rain and a bone-chilling 52 degrees, almost a fifty-degree difference from last year.

Just when we think spring has arrived, it seems we get set back a few weeks! I'd rather be in sweaters than shorts any day of the week, but even for me, this is a little nuts.

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