Monday, May 6, 2013

can't wait

(The first part of this post was written on Saturday morning on my iPhone, but I couldn't figure out how to add pictures to the post and I had to throw in the towel after an hour so I could get ready to go to the fairgrounds. I added pictures and the rest of the weekend tonight.) 

Though perhaps a more accurate title would be can't sleep but can't wake up everyone in the hotel room just yet.

The younger two boys and I drove down to Maryland yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately Primo is a junior now, and caught up with things like SATs, so he has to miss the festival for the first time in many years.

Someone had no trouble sleeping on the way down. He was lucky to have a little corner of the car to sleep in, we were so jam-packed.

The first order of business was to enter his fleece from Lambykins, which he had very carefully skirted a few weeks ago, into the fleece show and sale. He was entering it as a 4-H fleece, so he had to do it himself.

Of course everyone made a big deal about him so it was all good.

I have to leave early this morning to set up the rest of the booth. The tent was not as expected, and so we had to reconfigure the entire layout. We were in good shape by the time I left last night. Now back to the fairgrounds, and hopefully have a busy day selling!

Now for the rest of the weekend:

We were blessed with simply beautiful weather. Lucky break, as our tent was smaller than the size we paid for and so we spilled out a bit on the sides. In the end the revised booth layout worked really well, and it was filled with tons of beautiful items to sell.

And sell and sell and sell we did. This is all I had left of over 200 cat toys at the end of the weekend, and they were only a small part of the booth!

As with every year, I couldn't have managed without a fantastic support team.

My dad, Secondo and Terzo

Unfortunately I failed to get a photo of the most valuable member, my mom. She is in the background of that photo, to the right, in the hat. Just like her presence all weekend, in the background propping my venture up. I don't know how I would have managed without her.

And Lambykins fleece? It didn't win, but it did sell. However Terzo is unhappy with my edict that the money has to go into the bank instead of into Legos.

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  1. wow. Quite the business woman!! Happy for you. That set up looked amazing. Why not have your own banner next time? Name of your farm? Happy Spring!