Friday, May 10, 2013


Yeah, I made that word up.

But it is an accurate description of what happens when you take a dog that looks like this:

And end up with one that looks like this after a trip to the groomers, which he HATES:

The epitome of a hang-dog look. I think it may be that ribbon they insist on attaching to his collar. From herding sheep this morning onto a bit of fresh pasture (hence his soaked fur, it was a very heavy dew on overgrown grass)... to a silly little ribbon. It is beneath his dignity.

He was thrilled to be back at work tonight, in the dark, helping to move the sheep back into the barn before the thunderstorm hit. I cannot sleep if a thunderstorm strikes at night, and they are out without solid shelter. I made everyone come out and help me. I think he may have been the only one happy to do so, but not quite as happy as he was when we took the ribbon off.

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  1. Boy, he does look shamed. Poor guy. Probably smells extra good too!