Tuesday, June 18, 2013

progress of a different sort

I had every intention of taking pictures of Secondo's garden once he finished planting it this afternoon, but then we got a terrible storm through from noon to 1 pm. It showered a bit from 1 to 2, another storm at 2 pm, moderate rain from then until 5 or so, and just a light downpour for the rest of the evening.

The upshot: the garden was not finished due to circumstances beyond the gardener's control. Nor did his mother feel like wading out to take "in progress" shots.

So its stead... the great trombonist, then and now. Two years ago, he replayed his 6th grade concert piece for the world's greater good.

Secondo's band days are over and the horn gets turned in tomorrow. He played the piece again (not just humoring me! his idea!) so we can all appreciate his progress.


If nothing else, there is quite a bit of progress in his growth, judging by his height in relation to the picture on the wall behind him.

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