Wednesday, June 5, 2013

twenty years ago today

This happened.

We pulled out the wedding album and the boys had great fun identifying people they knew. And by great fun, I mean they made fun of almost everyone.  They also had a ball with the bridesmaids dresses. I was unsuccessful in convincing them that everyone wore floral dresses in 1993.

We followed it up with the ceremonial viewing of the wedding video, which was made by a dear family friend, unfortunately long departed. We used to watch it every year, but I can't remember the last time we saw it. Two of the three boys were forced to watch it with us, but the 17-year-old managed to duck out on some homework pretext. The two who remained were more than amply rewarded by the crazy dancing shots, however. There's a month's worth of blackmail in there.

At one point, I became hung up on something and my husband mentioned it was due to my train. "You had a train?" Terzo was extremely impressed until we explained that it meant a lot of fabric in a dress and not my own personal locomotive.

My husband really came through on the thoughtful gifts, all memorializing places we visited on our camping honeymoon in Vermont. We were poor students when we got married! I received:

  • a bowl from a Weston Bowl Mill, unfortunately since destroyed by Hurricane Irene (extra points for the sheepy detail);

  • a ceramic wall hanging from Weston Priory, that matches our kitchen perfectly; and

  • a marble trivet, from the quarry in Danby, Vermont.

And to my husband, from me?

Yes. Socks. I went all out. In my defense, this wasn't really his present. I just wanted something little for him to open, but I also planned a really nice dinner at a local restaurant... then he begged off because he is under the weather. The only way it works for twenty years is if the forgiveness goes both ways.


  1. Kris, I didn't wear floral dresses in 1993...Or ever :-)

    You guys look great, I love it!...Happy Anniversary...

  2. wait a didnt even knit those socks!!?? : )