Monday, June 10, 2013

gray on grey

Monsoon conditions here today... We no sooner got the sheep moved to a new section of the yard, where they would have access to the barn for shelter, when the heavens opened. It is no fun holding metal fencing poles, designed to conduct electricity, in your hands when you hear thunder rumbling! We set the last post, plugged the fence in, and beat a hasty retreat to the safety of the house. Meanwhile the sheep executed the exact same manuever, only into the barn.

There should be 24 sheep visible, not just a couple of chickens! Who says sheep are stupid?

The weather conditions reminded me of the song from the movie "Winnie the Pooh," when the "rain, rain, rain came down, down, down, in rushing rising rivulets, 'til the river crept out of its bed, and crept right into Piglet's."

The river didn't come quite that high today, but we did have an impressive overflow from the farm field at the corner, to the point that the entire road is littered with last year's left over corncobs.

During the onslaught, I was working on a project in grey yarn, which might seem a bit depressing given the weather, but it was actually the perfect day to knit away and not feel guilty in the slightest. I actually enjoy a good rainy day, truth be told, even one that feels like it's going to sop you up.

Added bonus: I got to use my new sheepy umbrella that I bought in Maryland. It makes me feel right at home, being under there watched by all those sheepy eyes. Though in actuality in such conditions, they are nowhere to be seen.