Sunday, July 22, 2012

unusual delivery

Apparently, I have a reputation.

Forget dropping off stray cats at our house. People have now taken to dropping off stray fiber.

We first became aware of its existence when my in-laws reported that someone had left a bag of vegetables hanging on our mailbox. That actually wouldn't have been unheard of, but I cannot imagine what vegetables resemble the contents of that bag. In their defense, however, who on earth would have thought that someone would have left a bag of fiber hanging on a mailbox? It is so outside the paradigm of expected deliveries that I can understand the confusion.

Turns out it is llama fiber from my neighbor down the street, confirmed when I ran into her at the supermarket today. Now, what to do with it? In a three steps forward, one step backwards sort of fashion, it ended up in the basement while I decide.

May as well get it washed while I am figuring it out.


  1. It's kind of like when I sent out a fleece to be processed so it was out of my way for a while. I got back roving that weighed about a pound more than I shipped off AND it returned in record time.

  2. I suppose one could have a far worse reputation than Fiberweave Woman :0). I think you should use the llama hair (or is it fur???) to make yourself a cape! "The Amazing Fiber Woman"....has a nice ring. It will be interesting to see what you really do with this!

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