Thursday, July 26, 2012

almost at the fair

Hard to believe that tomorrow we will be at fair. We didn't get as many exhibit entries done as we usually do, but it has just been one of those years. My children and I are perilously close to burn-out and so I did my best not to push. The sheep were non-negotiable, but even in that regard, we have significantly scaled back. We did pick up an extra lend-a-lamb kid, which is a bit more work for us, but Primo has been a huge help in making it work.

Picking up extra kids is the name of the game this time of year. I try not to get too ratty about the parent that bums a ride off me for their kid because they are so, so busy, only to be asked when dropping the kid off "just to take them to the neighbor's house, because we at a little party down there."


My LSH tells me I have to put my foot down about such advantage-taking. I would hate to jeopardize a kid's participation just because their parents don't make it a priority to get them there, however. I do it all the year round, but it is this time of year when it tends to bug me the most. Things worm their way under my skin more easily when I am stretched thin. But if I am totally honest here, the chatter and laughter of a carload of kids goes a long way to easing any temporary annoyance.

One more day and we will move the farm up to the fairgrounds... two more days and the largest 4-H sheep show in NJ will be done (seriously, over 50 entries, it has to be some sort of record)... three more days and the milking contest, costume contest, goat show, rabbit show, poultry show, round robin contest, you name it, will be finished and all ribbons and trophies and miscellaneous recognitions handed out.

And then we will be back home, and it will be all over and done with for another year.

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