Tuesday, July 24, 2012

list upon list

It is that week, the week that every 4-H leader and parent (and I think even member) dreads:

Pre-fair week.

Not enough time, and too much to do. Stress levels very, very high despite an effort on my part to keep the expectations at a reasonable level. Patience and energy at a very low ebb. Coping skills in short supply when they are most desperately needed. Memory completely gone.

The last problem led to this state of affairs on my desk this afternoon:

Not just one list. Four separate ones going at once: one for normal household stuff, one for 4-H fair issues, one for Coopworth sheep show issues (a whole different show, happening in September, because I am a glutton for punishment apparently), and one for things that I was trying to get done yesterday. 

I am still working on yesterday's list. I am not as efficient as I think I should be.

Despite all these lists, I managed to forget a rather important thing this morning. I was supposed to be on call to open up my LSH's office, and when I was actually called, I was thirty minutes away, doing something completely different. 

At least come hell or high water (and hopefully neither one, actually), the fair list will go away this weekend. With any luck, my sanity will not disappear with it, but it's always a close call.

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