Friday, July 27, 2012

couldn't do it

The first night of fair, which is tonight, is always a potluck dinner. In past years I have done giant batches of pulled pork or sloppy joes, but I told myself I was doing enough this year. I was going to bring a huge bowl of coleslaw (pre-shredded cabbage, mix from the store) and a huge bag of chips and that was it.

I couldn't do it.

I caved around 2 pm today, at the thought of showing up to a potluck with 4 hungry boys/men and no meat. I ran to the store and picked up baked beans and hot dogs. Beanie weenies are now cooking in the crockpot on high. It is meat in the loosest sense of the word but at least I don't feel like I will be showing up empty-handed. Or no-meated. Whatever.

Same way that I couldn't let the last post stand as my final word before fair.

I really do enjoy fair, and the kids in the club, and the parents of those kids, and the entire weekend. It can be a bit overwhelming and very stressful, true. At the end of it, though, there is a feeling of great accomplishment that really can't be beat.

Now, if I can just get from here to there without any major meltdown, we should be good. We'll start with putting some sheep on a trailer, and hope the rest goes smoothly. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Breathe in....breathe out! There, is that better? Such busyness can be overwhelming but I just bet you cannot imagine a summer without the fair, right? So glad you have been able to develop this for you and your family. great memories and awesome skills/character development! Enjoy...try not to get lost at the fair!