Saturday, July 28, 2012

soggy fair night

I am home, watching the radar map on scroll a horrendous thunder storm across the fairgrounds. My poor LSH is there with the boys tonight; per fair tradition, my shift was last night.

Apparently the flooding is almost as bad as it was three years ago (pictures here). The kids are safe in the park's visitor center, and the animal tent is holding its own. The storm should be on its way out soon, and hopefully they will be able to get a good night's sleep despite the wet start.

Ugh. I feel so powerless. I want to get in the car and drive back up, but they are adamant that they (and I) should stay put in our respective locations.

So here I sit, refreshing the weather radar map every five minutes and texting them updates on their situation, praying that they will be relatively safe and dry in their sleeping tents, which are located on much higher ground than the show tents. Not really sure how much sleep any of us will be getting tonight.

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  1. Hope things went better than expected. Frustrating situation!