Sunday, July 8, 2012

back to three

We picked up the older two boys from camp yesterday. I wish I had some beautiful illustrative pictures but I forgot to bring my camera to drop-off last Monday. I drove up with two other moms and their sons, both good long-time friends of Primo and Secondo respectively. It was a lovely social drive but we barely fit the kids and their gear in the car; Terzo had to stay at home because there wasn't enough room for him. It was a "thin mint" sort of situation and I would like to think that I forgot my camera due to the space issues and not my increasingly forgetful brain. 

Luckily camp looked the same but if you haven't seen pictures you can go here or here.

For pick-up yesterday, the car was relatively empty, but our minds were full (and our hearts heavy) with a different situation. Though we had the camera, we didn't get too many pictures. This one shot of a grubby Secondo on the porch of his cabin is just about all we managed.

The house is once again full of the clutter and chatter of three. Terzo had his last week alone with me, since he will be old enough to go to camp next year. I savored every minute of the week: playing board games, taking him on outings, watching his choice of movies, and just generally enjoying him to my heart's content. He was a little morose on Monday about the prospect of being without "the guys" (his term) for the week, but by the end, declared it was the best week of his life. Success!

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  1. The ever approaching empty nest syndrome begins with the first summer they are all "away" for some reason! This summer J and Z went off to camp. I was thinking about next summer--heaven forbid I would just BE in the NOW! Next summer M and R plan on "roughing" it in NYC-can I blame them :0)? J and Z came home from camp 100% sure they want to work/CIT at Scout camp next summer. Where does that leave me??? Home alone for 9 weeks 0_o that's where. I am MAKING myself work through this now--figuring out how to spend that time! Do you ever contemplate these things? I mean, you are so blessed with the "farm", wool, knitting, etc. :0). Do you think that is what you will continue to do? Just a curious question from a curious almost empty-nester!