Monday, March 5, 2012

they like it!

So yesterday I am at a bit of a loose end with an idea for a post... thinking about a post about dressing my chickens*, but didn't have time to dig up all the explanatory pictures, plus I had just finished a basic black hat that day. It drives me crazy when I take the time to figure out a pattern just the way I want it, then I gift the item away without writing the particulars down so I cannot remember what I did. (Patch Pocket Scarves, I am talking to you.)

I resolved to take the time to write out the little pattern in the post, and add it to the Ravelry database as being available to the general public. This means that my pattern will show up when one of the 2,000,000 (TWO MILLION!**) members of Ravelry do a search for a fitted hat pattern that would work for the DK weight yarn they have sitting in their stash.

(Let me add in here a little plug for Ravelry, not that it really needs my help or anything, but still... If you knit or crochet, and you do not belong to that site, why the heck not? If for no other reason that it makes it dead easy for you to look up a fitted knit hat pattern that would work for the DK weight yarn you have in your stash.)

Today I did my usual early morning check on Ravelry to find....

Two people had posted very nice comments on my pattern.

And four people had indicated that they wanted to knit my pattern at some point, by putting it in their queue (a working list for things you want to make, which you can organize and prioritize; join Ravelry so you can see what a great feature it is).

By this evening, 9 people had put it in their queues, and 30 people had listed it as a favorite pattern.

Say it with me: Holy crap! They like my pattern, right now, they like my pattern!

Small potatoes when you are talking about an audience of 2,000,000 people, but I'll take it!

* Sorry to leave a teaser like that; I will try to find the pictures soon!

** This milestone in membership was reached on Leap Day—how fitting.


  1. I like it too. *claps wildly*

  2. Yay Kris! I am very impressed :*)