Saturday, March 3, 2012

four for a day

For the second weekend this year, Primo is away for a teen event (this time for 4-H). He will be spending almost a month in total away from us this year at various camps and conventions. I guess it is the best way to ease us into his eventual absence when he goes to college, but the house sure does feel a little empty without him.

The rest of us decided to run down to Philadelphia today to take our minds off of being left behind. After a quick errand (the real reason for the trip) and a dim sum lunch in Chinatown (cannot eat anything else if we find ourselves in Philly at lunchtime), we decided to visit the National Constitution Center. Although we had heard great things about it, we just hadn't taken time to go—and as an added bonus, it had a Springsteen exhibit.

The reviews were all true! It is a great museum. A ton of information is presented in a very accessible way. My only quibble would be that the information is packed so densely together, it can sometimes be difficult to hear the different media. Some of it was above Terzo's comprehension level, but he did seem to get the basic idea of why the Constitution was necessary in the first place. Secondo, my history buff, really enjoyed it and was the perfect target age.

Independence Hall in the background

Afterwards I begged them to squeeze in a quick trip to Loop, a yarn store on South Street.  I had come to a standstill on a particular project, and after much reflection, realized that the colors of the yarn I had chosen, unfortunately online, were all wrong for what I wanted to do.

The store is a visually-stunning place to visit: a riot of color set against a bright neutral background. Best of all, they had what I was looking for. Although the store is very spare in appearance, it is deceptive, as the selection was quite good. I am thrilled with what I found, so much so that I don't mind starting the project all over again.

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  1. AW! I feel your sadness re when they go "away". Ryan left for Florida just yesterday...all week he will be funning in the sun while we are here hoping to get a glimpse of springtime! Last June he traveled over the "pond" and spent 2 glorious weeks in France, another long weekend off to NYC for a college visit...sigh. I guess it does help ease into them leaving for school, life! Don't get me wrong though---I am kind of looking forward to it if i can just figure out what on earth I am supposed to DO when they are all gone??? i know God will be glad to provide something but I sure wish he could give me a glance, you know!
    That little shop looks darling---even from the perspective of a non-knitter! There are some out here :0)! Did I mention the new little knitting/yarn shop here in Honesdale? The Gentle Arts. It has quite a lovely atmosphere! I have almost given up on learning until my nest is empty! For the moment I am pleased to do my cross stitching and occasional sewing projects! The days seems to just get by me! Oh well, have a great week and fun shearing those "quadrupedal, ruminant mammals" (thanks Wikipedia :0)!).