Friday, March 30, 2012

cliffhanger resolution

We have been so busy waiting for lambs not to be born that I forgot I left a inadvertant cliffhanger with my post on Wednesday. Long story short: no lambs yet, and Henrietta is even bigger, if such a thing is possible. Her official due date was today, and with a storm blowing in, I was sure that would do the trick.


Tomorrow is a crazy day, so crazy that I can't fit all the events into the little box on the calendar. Primo has his first track meet of the season; Secondo and I are going to Rutgers with the 4-H club for a symposium; and Terzo and his father have a meeting, a million and one errands and a baseball practice, in that order.

Let's all guess what's going to happen. Oh yes, I forgot to mention: Holly is due tomorrow.

In other news, we had to break out the bottles for the triplets this evening. The little black one stopped gaining weight as of two days ago. We have all seen him nursing, although he tends to get bumped off by his pushier and slightly stronger white siblings. He is not weak or showing signs of starvation—yet—but he is a little less frisky than the other two. He wasn't very enthusiastic about the bottle, though we will keep trying.

We did think about buying a few tickets for the Mega Millions lottery drawing tonight, but the triplet ram lambs suggest that Lady Luck isn't really in our corner at the moment.

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  1. It's always the day the ewes wait for! Good luck with the day.