Sunday, March 11, 2012

behind the scenes

I thought I would get the shearing day photos posted yesterday, but it turned out to be an even crazier night. Plus I can't put my hands on that camera on the moment, so the photos will have to wait a day or two until I locate it.

I can offer photos of the Philadelphia Flower Show instead though, because I do know where that camera is! Unfortunately the only day we could make it down there was yesterday, after shearing, and now I can give you the best advice ever on attending the PFS:

Never, ever, go on a Saturday afternoon, especially after you spent the morning at a sheep shearing.

The show was spectacular, as always, and chock-full of orchids to befit the Hawaiian theme. This waterfall, dotted with orchids on both sides, all the way to the top, was amazing (and my inability to get a clear shot gives an inkling of the crowds):

The displays by this florist are always one of my favorites, and the color wheel arrangement of orchids on the table did not disappoint.

The crowds, our exhaustion, and a drastically-changed layout from prior years really interfered with our ability to see the entire thing. Although we thought we viewed everything, I was most distressed to learn that I had missed an entire wall made of lettuce heads, arranged in a pattern.

Unfortunately for my dad but fortunately for me, however, Secondo and I got to return to the show this evening after it closed to help my mom retrieve their show entry plants. This meant a rare chance to see it with no crowds, though we had to look sharp for forklifts. (Unfortunately for my dad, because he is in the hospital with pneumonia; get well soon, dad!)

Some of the exhibits were already well-dismantled by the time we walked around; only holes and a few scattered petals attested to the fact that beautiful displays were there just an hour before.

Enough were still remaining that we felt like we got a second bite at the apple, though, including a much better picture of the waterfall, from a different angle, with helpful kid included for scale:

I found this beautiful gate, which I hadn't spotted yesterday though I know I walked past it:

And best of all, we found the wall of lettuce!

This garden display, mounted by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society to publicize their Community Gardens program, was one of my favorite in the show (though it obviously had nothing to do with Hawaii). The cold frame boxes—which I have been meaning to build for myself since we moved here 10 years ago—were drool-worthy.

Same for the overhead trellis, which on closer inspection proved to be loaded with ripening cherry tomatoes!

This display alone was well worth the return visit; the price of several trips on a freight elevator was a small one to pay.

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