Thursday, March 15, 2012

a study in entropy

There is no greater place for entropy to do it's dastardly work than a farm. Farms are working proof that nature skews towards disorder at all times, and no matter how hard you might push back against the principal, it is a losing battle. Nature always wins.

Today was just such a proof-filled day, and it wasn't only the farm conspiring against me. It was pretty much every system possible.

I started out trying to print Secondo's essay. The home printer would print one page before descending into gobbledegook. I switched to the printer in my LSH's office, which was working fine just yesterday. It refused to do anything. I managed to make a third, little-used printer spit it out, and then Secondo left it on the kitchen counter and had to sprint back down the driveway before the bus arrived.

Speaking of Secondo... He was asked to shut the trailer door yesterday, after it had somehow become unlatched. He failed to remember when he went out to lock up the chickens. As a matter of fact, he also forgot to lock up the chickens (luckily no chicken loss). Wind blew the door back against the trailer all night long and bent the frame. Remains to be seen how / if / when it can be fixed.

I was in a mood by this point, and decided a run would be the best way to blow off steam (as opposed to, say, chewing a kid's head off, plus the kid had left for school, lucky kid). Running watch failed to charge, despite being on the charger for two days straight. Probably ran my fastest run ever due to mounting frustration levels, but I'll never know now, will I?

Water pressure low for shower. Blamed my LSH for forgetting to turn off the hose to the back pastures. He thought it was me putting a load in the washer. Neither was right. Don't really want to think about what the real reason might be.

Speaking of laundry, little pull cord on the lights in the basement no longer working. Gave up on folding laundry in the gloom.

No cat food.

No rabbit food.

No sheep food.

Of course the billing system for my LSH's office is wonky and refuses to recognize insurance companies that don't start with the letter "A". I really shouldn't have touched it today.

I am leaving the farm now, to get all that darn food, and don't plan to return for a good long while. Maybe by the time I come back this black cloud will have blown over.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your day. Hope things are looking up!