Monday, September 14, 2009

with a little help

I think I am even more tired today than yesterday, if such a thing is possible, but I wanted to share all the help I had with the booth. Some of the stuff was mine, but a lot of the stuff was not.

My friend Joan made some of her unique Poc-ee-wok bags; most of the material she uses she has repurposed from thrift-store garments. The lining of each bag compliments the outside, and she finishes them with various found objects (shells, stones) or wooden buttons handmade by her husband.

My mom contributed bags specifically developed with the crafter in mind. The bags are fully lined and large enough for parts of a sweater or baby blanket (my beef with the bags you can buy commercially is that they just aren't big enough). No velcro for yarn to catch on; instead a flap on the top holds the yarn in while crafting.


In the picture, Joan's bags are on the left and my mom's are on the right; there were more bags on the other side of the display rack.

My mom also put in the book she wrote on Kumihumo, the Japanese art of braiding.

I had some needlefelting wool from my friend Linda, who is starting a fiber shop in Allentown. Some of my roving and other products will be in her shop.

Secondo once again handled the stitch marker market and he sold quite a few. We even had return customers, who had purchased the stitch markers last year and liked them so much that they came back for more.

Last but not least is Primo's contribution. I was hoping to take pictures today but with all the cleanup around here, didn't get to it. More on those tomorrow.

What was Terzo's contribution? Well, his angle was begging for money so he could buy drinks, funnel cake, etc. Basically spending the profits.


  1. Lisa (RAV: chasesmommy)September 15, 2009 at 10:16 AM

    Hi! Where is your friend's fiber shop in Allentown going to be?? I would love to visit it once it's up and running!

  2. There has to be ONE person that knows how to spend all those profits, huh? I have 3 of them :0)! 1 is simply as cheap----frugal---as I am :0).

  3. As a buyer of one of Primo's contribution, I have to say he did an excellent job. kudos to him :)

  4. Pimping the kids is a great idea LOL
    Sorry I couldn't make it, Hugs