Wednesday, September 2, 2009

production line

I am starting to get a bit bleary with the pace of production around here... On a good day I can dye two pounds of roving, because I let the roving cool in the pot and I don't have a bazillion dedicated dyeing stock pots. I do have enough to trip over on a regular basis, and I must confess to visiting my parents' house and stealing more cookware from them just to feed this little habit of mine.

As I mentioned before, the roving was starting to pile up around here. Literally.


That's not a pillow on my couch. It is a sheet -- given to me by my MIL with the intent, I believe, that I would actually use it on a bed -- with yet more roving wrapped up in it, awaiting the long-anticipated bags.

They finally arrived late yesterday afternoon, and Phase Two: Packing All This Stuff Up, finally began. After a couple of hours of work, the piles were in a slightly more manageable form.


For those of you awaiting the final outcome (*cough* my dad *cough*), here's the front and back of the bag, close up.


I'm pretty pleased with the end result. Now, to dye the remaining six pounds... and pack up the seven pounds already dyed...


  1. They look lovely! I'll bet you come home with none!

  2. I think Heidi is your secret twin. love the display. wish I was that organized!
    Good luck to you both

  3. Almost makes me want to learn how to spin!!! Love the red!

  4. Great colors, Kris! Looks like you are really organized. I am impressed :*)