Monday, September 21, 2009

rhinebeck knit

Oh yes, my friends. Life doesn't have enough deadlines right now, so I had to go and add another one. Rhinebeck is just a little less than a month away; plenty of time for me to make that custom knit to show off, right?

I fell in love with the Colonnade Shawl pattern the minute I saw it in the fall Knitty edition. I hemmed and hawed about colors -- is it too much to ask that a knitted item go with everything in your closet? -- and finally realized the answer was close at hand. Cloudberry Fiber Mill had some beautiful natural colored lopi yarn in the perfect weight.


(Pardon the crummy picture. The knit is jammed on a too-short cable at the moment until I can get another one.)

I cast on at 9 pm last night, my reward for plying up (with spindle) all the green Coopworth I had spun in the previous week. (I actually finished all four ounces; it yielded 77 yards of worsted weight yarn, so looks like I will need more yarn for that hat.)

As of this moment, I have finished the main color and just joined the contrast color. This knit is going as quickly as promised, although each row has started to take longer and longer... Eight stitches added every other row means I am close to 200 stitches on the needles at this point.

But I am reasonably sure that I will finish it well before the deadline, and that the colors will go with everything.


  1. It's lovely! You wouldn't know what to do if you *didn't * have too much to do! LOL & hugs!

  2. It is fantabulous and you will have the weather this year to really enjoy it. Wish I could come and see you. Hope and pray you are having a terrific time.

    Mrs. C