Thursday, September 3, 2009

hot new franchise idea

A couple of my close friends have husbands who are on the hunt for a new business in which to invest. I have heard their tales looking at Dunkin' Donuts, and daycare centers, and car washes, and apartment complexes, and on and on, but nothing has caught on yet.

Their search is over, however, because I have a no-fail, success-fame-and-fortune guaranteed, blockbuster business model.

It would be called "The Week Before Kids Go Back to School Camp," or perhaps something a bit catchier but my brain is too fogged with dye fumes to work that out right now. The basic business idea is this: You take kids off their parents' hands for that one hellacious week just before school starts, when kids are alternating between being at each other's throats and coming up with some new, bizarre way to wreck the house and their parents' sanity.

Sometimes there is no difference at all. They are doing both at exactly the same time and as loudly as possible. Ask me how I know.

I guarantee you that parents would pay any amount of money to get the kids out of their hair for that one week, so horrendous is the childrens' behavior and so desperate are the parents.

Remember: you heard it here first, and I will demand adequate franchise fees from anyone who adopts my business model. I will also be the first parent in line for the service.


  1. What goes around, comes around. There is payback--but you have to wait--oh, about 30 years!

  2. OR....they could somehow get camp counselors to go to your house while YOU go and spend some time alone in a cabin??? Ryan began public school for the first time EVER this week and he was so antsy the days leading up to the first day! It was really the first experience I have had with that and I was thinking "WASSUP wit dat???" So, what grades are the kidlets in these days? meg is in 12, Ry-10, Josh and Zack both 6. AACK! 6th grade math is like REAL math! I am ever so thankful for cyber school teachers!

  3. Liz Russell reports her three girls are at each other's throats too.
    Guess it's all the anxiety over what they will face when school starts.
    My Mom would not even get up at the same time as I did on school mornings. Too young for coffee for me, but the hormones were in full swing.