Saturday, September 12, 2009

fiber festing

Today was the debut of the farm booth at the NJ Sheep & Wool Festival, and all things considered, it went quite well. We had a little bit of trouble with the set-up, as thanks to the everlasting rain, I wasn't able to go up last night and put up the furniture as I had hoped. Instead we threw everything, including two sheep, onto/into the truck and trailer and left as early as we could. Thanks to my parents and some tarp intervention (does this at all sound familiar? you think I would have learned a lesson), we were able to get set up and keep the booth contents dry.

Of course, I don't have any pictures as I left my camera in the sheep trailer, which is parked at the fairgrounds tonight. I enjoyed visiting with the people who stopped by the booth and had various comments and questions about the contents. I even recognized Joe from his blog! And he bought some roving! I know, I know, I am such a stalker.

One of my volunteer duties this year was manning the gate and collecting the entrance fee. I tried to spindle to pass the time, but found that I was almost guaranteed to have someone pull in while I was either (1) doing really well or (2) trying to join a broken bit (i.e., not doing so well). Plus when I dropped it, it always landed in the mud. Truthfully, it had little choice.

I finally gave up when it started to rain again and studied the cars as they came down the road, to see if I could predict who would pull into a sheep and fiber festival. Here are my scientific results, in case you ever have need of this information:

Econoline van: 0%

Any vehicle towing a boat: 0%

Toyota or Volkswagen: 10% (I was a little surprised by this one)

SUV/Jeep/etc.: 30%

Mini-van: 50/50

Hybrid vehicle: more likely than not

Subaru or Volvo: well over 90%

Honda Element: guaranteed

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