Wednesday, April 15, 2009

list making

Ten days since my last post? Really? Well, it has been quite an eventful week-plus.

My dad had a fairly big birthday on Monday.

I had a fairly big birthday on Tuesday.

We welcomed a new baby to the family on Wednesday.


(Extended family! Not my family. Good lord, my sanity would never be seen again, and right now it only makes periodic appearances.)

Terzo turned 5 on Thursday.


(Yes, it's his own Nintendo DS. See "sanity", above. See also, "tired and all parental resistance is gone" and "third child".)

Primo started his first job on Friday.


(Did I mention he is shopping in the MEN'S DEPARTMENT?!?!?)

LSH gave all three boys haircuts on Saturday.

We wrangled all three boys into suits on Sunday.


(More than gentle coercion may have been involved.)

I arranged the preschool co-op trip to the aquarium on Monday.

The kids went back to school on Tuesday.

And I went back to work today.

What hasn't happened: I haven't started skirting those fleeces to get them ready to sell. I haven't done much laundry. I haven't cleared all my LSH's office detritus from my dining room. I haven't started to get ready for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I haven't balanced my checkbook. I haven't finished the baby blanket gift for the baby who was born six months ago. I haven't taken the boys to meet their new cousin. I haven't planted my peas. I haven't given the lambs their CDT shots. I haven't.... I haven't... I...

I have got to learn not to start these kinds of lists.


  1. .........and aparently you havent planted potatoes yet either : )

    Happy birthday!!!! Do you want some potatoe seeds?

  2. the look on terzo's face is priceless.

    mrs. c