Saturday, April 4, 2009

long way

My LSH and I at our college graduation dance, about *cough* eighteen *cough* years ago:


(Sorry about the quality; not sure what my scanner was picking up, because the original doesn't have those lines. The scanner did no favors with that smile, either. The passage of time has not dimmed my memory of unfairness over the fact that the photographer didn't give me any warning that I was supposed to be smiling; that is my "I am halfway to a smile" smile.)

And last Saturday, with a much better photographer but perhaps a bit less personal grooming and definitely no nail polish or tan, though the clothes are certainly more comfortable:


We've come a long way, baby... which way that is, it's probably best not to dwell on.


  1. Somehow you guys look happier, more comfortable, and more real in the second photo! And that is a *good* thing!

  2. Awww, you guys are still a good looking couple!

  3. From good to great!

    And one more Happy Birthday! (I just wanted to make it a double trifecta via alternative media contact modes.)

  4. I'm sure you're as happy now as you were then...3 children, 2 dogs, several cats (inside and out), sheep and a farm...

    Life is never boring for us, is it?