Saturday, April 18, 2009

the family that runs together...

... hopefully goes to bed early and is too exhausted for the usual squabbles, begging for just one more story, refusing to shower, begging for five more minutes with lights on, and so on and so forth.

And that's just my LSH. Let's not even talk about what the boys do at bedtime.

The one-mile team:


We finished somewhere around 13 minutes. There may or may not have been some walking breaks (I'll never tell), but the finish was strong. My team partner tends to run best when he can hear people cheering him on.

The 5K team:


Finishing first, second, and second in their age brackets, respectively. (Not counting that guy in the background; haven't figured out how to control who my new camera focuses on yet.)

The first two were in the same age bracket. Primo is starting to feel Secondo breathing down his neck at the finish line. Luckily for Primo, he'll graduate to a new age bracket soon before he has to suffer the humiliation of having his younger brother beat his butt. His younger brother, of course, is living for that day.

My LSH is grateful that his recent fairly important birthday has catapulted him into a new age bracket. Now that he is competing against people who are mostly older than him, as opposed to much younger, he is finding that a medal is within his grasp. Hooray for old age!

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