Friday, March 27, 2015

fleece return

Just a little over two months after we dropped off the 2014 fleeces at Sweitzer's Fiber Mill, guess what came back today? 

A little hint: our mailman, who is easily annoyed by any amount of extra effort, was very, very annoyed.

This box weighed a ton, and was bulging at the seams, but ALL the roving was in there, vacuum packed to an amazing degree. Heather had called earlier in the week to let me know that the box was on its way, and to open up the bags and let the roving breathe as soon as it arrived.

The boys and I were greatly amused by the sound of roving taking its first gasps of air.

OK, so we are rather easily amused. But all told: this is what came out of that box!

Hats off to Heather for getting it done and back to me exactly as promised. The mill did a beautiful job and I am well pleased. Look at this grey (and my weirdly wrinkled hand), the combined fleeces of sisters Jasmine and Kevyn!

Can't wait to get working on it this weekend—right after the 4-H livestock symposium Saturday, at which the club's lambing equipment video will make its debut, and Sunday, when we will be shearing, and starting the whole process over again.

Though I am bound and determined that I will be dropping our fleeces off to Heather at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May, and not repeating this particular debacle.


  1. Beautiful roving! Your pictures make we want to take up spinning. What spinning wheel do you have?

  2. Will you be selling any???

  3. OMG!!!! I want to wallow in it! Beautiful. Want!

  4. It is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks so squooshy!