Sunday, April 5, 2015

one less easter boy

Happy Easter! Just two  boys in suits this year...

And not the two you expected, I bet. We were lucky to have two instead of just one; Primo came home yesterday, just in time to hunt for his Easter basket this morning.

The third?

Secondo is halfway around the world, in Japan with my brother and his family, and by all appearances having a ball. The Easter photo was forwarded to me by his older brother, off Snapchat. We got the obligatory "hey, we got here safely" e-mail two days ago and then not much since. The stories will have to wait until he returns and then we will have to drag them out of him in typical teenage boy fashion.

We had a lovely Easter dinner without him but missed him terribly. Terzo was deputized to collect a few Easter eggs from the church hunt for his brother.

Plenty of drive and enthusiasm there, and even a little air time in pursuit of his prey...

But I'm not sure any eggs will be left when his brother returns in a week.

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