Friday, April 10, 2015

spring break

My writing mojo seems to have taken a break along with the local schools. Plus too much work at the office, unfortunately for the one kid left at home during his spring break. On the days that I wasn't working, I made sure we had adventures together, one of which was the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia yesterday to see the "Art of the Brick" exhibit by Nathan Sawaya. I went because of my Lego fan but ended up enjoying it far more than he did, I think. The artist had many thought-provoking things to say about the nature of art and creativity and media. The fact that he is a recovering lawyer also resonated!

Today was Terzo's last day of break, so I took him to the office with me for a few hours and then dropped him off for a few special hours with his brother at the university campus, very near my office, while I returned to work.

That joyful smile is an indication of just how excited he was to finally have the chance to bike around campus with Primo, something he has wanted to do since the day Primo moved in. When I returned to pick him up, he announced it was "one of the best days of his life." How lucky we are to have Primo so close, and even more so that he graciously puts up with our frequent visits; we were there just last night for dinner to celebrate Terzo's 11th birthday.

Meanwhile, Mr. Japan is searching out sheep for me on the other side of the world.

My brother is using an app called "Cluster" to share photos privately with the family back home. It has been a great way to view their vacation as they travel around. Secondo seems to be having a fantastic time. Prayers for a safe return on Monday; he is missed terribly!

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