Wednesday, April 22, 2015

out to pasture

Whoa! Everything is just so.... green all of a sudden!

The ewes were soooooo eager to get out of the small enclosure and onto fresh green grass this morning.

I love the expression on the ewe in the front, who is doing her best carousel horse impression. That is our crazy yearling ewe Nanette, who can still act lamb-ish with the best of them.

We broke out the electronet for the first time this season, hence the girls' excitement. They started yelling the minute they saw the rolls come out of the barn. It took a little while to get back into the groove, remembering to connect each roll, locating the charger, etc. but at least they made it through the winter with few tangles to unwind this morning.

The grass came in just in the nick of time! Only four bales of hay left in the barn, but no one will eat it now that the fresh supplies are in. We have been tapering the ewes off the hay and onto fresh grass, a little a time, to get their rumens adjusted, but at some point they need to be turned out and let loose.

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