Tuesday, March 24, 2015

almost to shearing

When we woke up on Saturday and the heft of Friday's snowstorm was fully apparent, we were once again very grateful that we didn't shear on February 28 as planned. So were the sheep, I'm sure.

No lambs for us this year, so there was no reason to do it early. It could wait. But now, it's time. I don't care that we are supposed to get more snow showers on Saturday. They are getting sheared on Sunday, and that's that.

Today we moved them up from the larger back pasture, where they have been for months, to a smaller pen near to the barn, so we will have an easier time getting them inside on Sunday (unless it does in fact rain/snow, in which case we will move them in on Saturday to keep them dry—must have dry sheep for shearing).

It was a nice surprise to see their dear faces when I pulled into the driveway after running errands today. They have been out of sight in the back for so long! That is Holly and her daughters Lucy and Molly, not necessarily in that order, playing the roles of the Three Fates in the Shed.


  1. They're so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes! They are so fluffy with their coats. You'll have beautiful wool this year. My most favorite fleece is one I got from you a few years ago with its blue ribbon! I miss having sheep, miss my girls. xoxo

  2. Looking lovely! You should have some beautiful fleeces.